Environmental Testing

Sample Matrix


Physical Examination

*pH value
*Solids content

Non-Metallic Constituents

*Nutrient testing

Organic Pollutants

*Oxygen Demand (Biochemical)
*Oxygen Demand (Chemical)
*Organic Carbon (Total)
*Oil and Grease
*PAHs Analysis
*Pesticides Analysis
*PCBs Analysis
*Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analysis
*Tributyl Tin Analysis
*Haloacetic Acids Analysis
*SVOCs Analysis
*VOCs Analysis


*Metals Analysis
*Microbiology Services
*Toxicity Testing
*Stack Emissions Testing / Ambient Air
*Aquatic Toxicity
*Biological Tissue Analysis

Food Testing

*Veterinary Drugs
*Preservatives and Additives
*Shelf-life testing
*Chemical & Nutritional Testing
*Food Packaging Testing
*Microbiological Testing
*Residues & Contaminants Testing
*Sensory Analysis

Chemical Testing​

*Sodium Hypochlorite Solution Testing
*Sodium Bisulphite Solution Testing
*Paint and Other Similar Surface-Coating Materials Testing
*Petroleum Products Total Sulfur Testing
*Activated Carbon Testing

Chinese Medicines / Pharmaceutical Testing

*Macroscopic and Microscopic Identification
*Analysis of Chemical Markers in Chinese Medicines
*Develop Feasible and Practical Testing Methods for Quality Control of the Chinese Materia Medica / Proprietary Chinese Medicines
*Proprietary Chinese Medicines Safety Test
*Quality Test and Stability Test in Proprietary Chinese Medicines
*Quality Test in Chinese Materia Medica
*Method Validation for Proprietary Chinese Medicines Registration
*Total Ash and Water Content Tests
*Toxic Elements Analysis
*Pesticides Residues Analysis
*Microbiological Examination
*Assay and Identification Test
*Accelerated Stability Test
*Fingerprinting, Chromatographic and Microscopic Identification
*Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Analysis