WELLAB Limited (Wellab) was established in 1996 and provides consulting, testing and research services to our customers. Since establishment, Wellab strive to provide professional and quality services to meet all our expectations and requirements from our customers. Our services reflect our core values of research, ongoing development, ethics and independence. Wellab is more than a group of technicians with the sole activities of collecting samples and carrying out routine measurements. Nor are we a group of pure consultants who rely on external support for field works.


We provide expert consulting service to our clients and at the same time we have the capabilities to conduct field works, including environmental monitoring, collection and sampling, tree survey, aerial and ground survey etc. all by in-house staff. This can ensure we have a full line of control over the quality and timeliness of our results and/or response to clients’ comment/feedback/request. We stand to defend the case on behalf of our clients, and where necessary, we can attend meetings with government authorities, District Council meetings, green group consultation meetings, or public forums. Key staff members in the company have over 10-20 years of extensive experience in environmental management, engineering and laboratory testing in Hong Kong. Wellab is certified to both ISO 9001:2015 system for our consulting services and ISO 17025 for laboratory testing (HOKLAS Registration No. 083).

  • Environmental Management
  • Ecological
  • Tree
  • Field Monitoring Service
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Service
  • Environmental Testing
  • Food Testing
  • Chinese Medicines